Update on my website

I'm currently trying to make a website where anyone can post a blog to the front page of the website. I'm following tutorials I have been finding on Youtube and am just making this first website so I can get some practice. ( Once I get the hang of Flask, I will try an make an instagram clone and that will be my final project.

The current state of my website

For my first application with Flask, I am making my own blogging website. Where you can make an account, and post blogs. And for my final project, I plan on making a clone of Instagram except it will be made completely with python and Flask.

Where I'm at

I have finally gotten to the point where I can start developing the website. For the past week I have been trying to configure the settings on the web server ( so it will allow me to upload files, and be able to read them.A big problem I was facing was the web server would not read the files I was uploading. Specifically all of my static files (like CSS & Javascript) it would give me an error (Internal server error)
How I fixed this problem: After a couple days I have finally fixed the problem so the server will find my files that I have uploaded. I looked around on my account settings page and found an area where it lets you set your static folder. (Basically, where the server can find the CSS & Javascript files) 

Once I added the correct directory path to my static files folder, it seems to be reading my CSS files.

Flask Website

This is where I will host all of my Flask projects.

Introduction to what I'm doing

What am I doing?

For my independent study, I will be learning about Python and Flask, and how to create web backends/frontends. I will be continuously updating this blog, which includes projects I'm working on, problems I encounter, and how I problem solve.