Setting up a server is not easy

Setting up a server is not easy
While I wouldn't consider myself an expert at setting up a VPS, it's certainly no challenge for me.... or so I thought. I've taught myself how to setup an apache server that runs PHP on a Digital Ocean Droplet with no trouble, I've done it multiple times in the past. However, this time was much... much... different. My VPS is currently running Ubuntu 18.04 with nginx as the main webserver, and I'm running something called Gunicorn to server the flask applications. (I still don't understand what Gunicorn does, but it's required) It took me at least 2 months to get my server set up correctly to the point where it actually works. I successfully set up my website using a tutorial by a YouTube user known as "Pretty Printed". I've been having problems with my server crashing, not loading files and just straight up not working. So now I can actually work on my Flask project instead of messing with my server.

My Website

I am now using to host all of my flask work.

Making a chat system in Flask

Instead of making an entire website for my project, I have decided I will be making a chat system out of Python. I will use tutorials to help me, and the goal of the project will be to display it at a tech fair for others to see.

Update on my website

I'm currently trying to make a website where anyone can post a blog to the front page of the website. I'm following tutorials I have been finding on Youtube and am just making this first website so I can get some practice. ( Once I get the hang of Flask, I will try an make an instagram clone and that will be my final project.

The current state of my website

For my first application with Flask, I am making my own blogging website. Where you can make an account, and post blogs. And for my final project, I plan on making a clone of Instagram except it will be made completely with python and Flask.

Where I'm at

I have finally gotten to the point where I can start developing the website. For the past week I have been trying to configure the settings on the web server ( so it will allow me to upload files, and be able to read them.A big problem I was facing was the web server would not read the files I was uploading. Specifically all of my static files (like CSS & Javascript) it would give me an error (Internal server error)
How I fixed this problem: After a couple days I have finally fixed the problem so the server will find my files that I have uploaded. I looked around on my account settings page and found an area where it lets you set your static folder. (Basically, where the server can find the CSS & Javascript files) 

Once I added the correct directory path to my static files folder, it seems to be reading my CSS files.

Flask Website

This is where I will host all of my Flask projects.